Compactors for Front & Rear Load Collection Vehicles

  • Vert-I-Pack - Georgia Baler and Compactors Vert-I-Pack (VIP) compactor is ideal for applications where space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system, or a roll-off collection service is not available. These units are great for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much more.
  • GreenBuilt Vert-I-Pack - An optional Solar Powered Power Unit can be used to transform a standard VIP into a GreenBuilt Unit.
  • Untouchable VIP - Our Untouchable VIP, developed for the narrow alleys of Chicago, is perfect for areas where space is limited but compaction is required. Because the power unit is on the side of the Untouchable VIP it can be placed almost directly against a back wall. The container is on heavy-duty casters and easily be rolled to an area accessible by waste collection trucks. The Untouchable VIP can be configured for front or rear loader collection vehicles.
  • Pakn'Tainer - Georgia Baler and Compactors Pak'ntainer is a portable and economical self-contained compactor/container with a remote power pack. It's designed for compacting and containing wet or dry waste and simplifying waste dumping. The Pak'ntainer helps maintain a sanitary environment, while saving money, for those generating as little as 20 cubic yards of refuse a week.

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